Our Services

We are a mechanical and electronical workshop that specialises in the repairs of all Land Rovers and Range Rovers. We are RMI and Preowned warranty approved service centre. Our professional staff and engineers are experienced, highly qualified and very knowledgeable about all Land Rovers and Range Rovers. Whether your vehicle is in need of minor maintenance or an overhaul, we have the ability to diagnose, quote and repair your vehicle on a cost and timely basis.

We offer a wide range of Land Rover and Range Rover Services and Repairs

General services according to the Land Rover service schedules

Specialised diagnostics & fault-finding

Various reconditioned items such as: Air suspension compressors, Rear diff lock motors, Lower control arms (polyurethane), Turbo's, Front & Rear diffs, Alternators and Park brake control modules and ABS pump (all these reconditioned items carry a 6-month guarantee).

24-Hour towing services

We are capable of repairing a lot of “unrepairable” parts

Read more about our services and repairs below.