Land Rover and Range Rover Services

Minor service includes:

Changing oil and oil filter
Checking oil levels
Checking fluid leaks
Checking of lights
Topping-up power steering fluid
Filling windshield washer fluid
Checking windshield wipers
Intermediate services (See full list below)

Intermediate services includes:

Oil Filter
Air Filter
Cabin Filter
Fuel Injector Cleaner
Undercarriage & Engine Wash
Full Check Over & Report

Major Service includes:

We offer major services for your Land Rover which includes:
Replacing Fuel Filter– Diesel engines need a new fuel filter every 60000kms.
Replacing Spark Plugs– Petrol engines need new spark plugs every 100 and 160000kms.
Full Front to Back Check Over– brakes, hoses, cooling system, lights and wipers, filters and engine oil.
Check All Transmission Oil Levels – on specified services we renew

Gearbox Services Include:

We offer gearbox services for your Land Rover which includes:
Gearbox flush & DR Tranny Fix lubricant (If required)
Sump pan / filter replacements (aluminium upgrades available)
All Land Rover spares needed for repairs are supplied and recommended by our experienced Spares manager. 

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